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You have a great idea and you are getting ready to launch or have launched your CrowdFunding campaign.
You have talked about your project with your family,  your friends, co-workers, neighbors, and practically anyone that will listen.

What do we do?

Just like any type of fundraiser, you know the key to getting backers is to PROMOTE, PROMOTE, & PROMOTE your project.  You need to be noticed and you need to be talked about
(in a positive way) by more than your existing circle of contacts.  

How do we do it?  

You have to develop "buzz" around your project to its target audience - towards the goal of building a Crowd Critical Mass.  Now all of this takes effort, lots and lots of effort.  

Think about the process of running for public office.  Ads and information about you need to be all over the place.  By the time the campaign gets into full swing, the target audience knows what the candidate is all about, why they are different, and most importantly how to support them.  They buzz created helps to create, grow and solidify their crowd.  The only difference between someone running for public office and you is they have campaign managers and maybe at this time you do not.

How can we create the buzz around your project and catch your target audience?

Well, there is a wealth of ways with social media and other web-based techniques.  The question is do you have time and can you do it all yourself?  

If the answer is no, let us help you.  Let us be your social campaign manager.  We will promote your crowdfunding project and get it noticed.

Why should you choose PromoteMyCrowdFunding to Promote Your CrowdFunding?

At this time with your help, We have over 200,000+ Twitter followers, 40,000+ Facebook fans, 3,000+ Google+, 3,000+ Linkedin 3,000+ PinterestOur YouTube channel has 1,700,000+ views who love CrowdFunding(And we are expanding everyday!)

What we do:

Create your plan today!
It's simple and easy.  Then we get started on project optimization and your tailored social media campaign.  We promote your campaign. We can get your project into press releases, social media channels, and bookmarking sites. Top web bloggers and writers can also receive your project from us.  We help you boost your crowdfunding campaign.