Promote your CrowdFunding with Google video hangout and Youtube

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Promote your CrowdFunding with Google video hangout and Youtube to thousands or millions  

It is clear to you that you need to promote your CrowdFunding project and idea to thousands or millions of relevant people. Challenge is how to create a video with a Good content and how to promote and distributed to get follower, investors and also constructive comment and advise (Concept validation)

We can help you if you are;
  1. Confused about how to attract more eyeballs to your marketing message, and
  2. Overwhelmed by which methods work best (search engines, social media, email ) to attract CrowdFunding investor's eyeballs.

CrowdFunding planning has created a system that can assist you to  reach your objectives and create your CrowdFunding project interview that could be promoted to CrowdFunding enthusiasts. 

This consist  of series of ten (10) questions that you needs to answer in order to rehearse  and  get prepared for your CrowdFunding post project interview with one our mentors. 

Using your webcam (we suggest an external cam) and after auditing the your response to the questioner., we will conduct a Google hangout on air interview session with you.

What is Google hangout on air:

Google Hangouts is a service that enables the broadcast of live video conversations between two or more people that are accessible to anyone with a web browser.

Google Hangouts can be accessed via laptop and desktop computers as well as most types of smartphones or tablets.

We also edit the video session and optimize its content (Video SEO) to make sure you have an opportunity to get to the 1st page of Google natural search based on your key phases.

Promoting your video and your message:

Promoting your video and getting followers and investors is possible when their eye balls find the video on their relevnt time and place. This is the secret source. We get Your video ;
  1. Thousands of views using CrowdFunding Planning social Media channels. Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest collectively largest CrowdFunding Channels in the world with more than 30,000+ Followers, circles, likes and pins . Every 25 minutes throughout the day for duration of your project ( before and during your campaign, 24 hours a day 
  2. Embedded to thirty (30) video servers around the world. ( youTube , Vimeo..Etc. ) 
  3. Embedded to relevant popular CrowdFunding websites.
  4. Embed in a news release, published and indexed by Google news. (Guaranteed) 
  5. Embed in a news release, published in the most popular online CrowdFunding news publication.
  6. Embedded into your CrowdFunding landing page with email catching and call for action buttons.
  7. Promoted in your own Social Media channels building your community.
Why wideo promotion before any other?

The answer is simple. People much prefer to watch than read and YouTube is a free global video broadcasting engine and also Internet time ( see below). Nothing happens until something moves.” 


A- Proof is in the pudding. First page of Google world wide for our Key phrases and video and web optimization. Now you know how you found us. Then contact us and ask us how we can help you to find your investors.

B- Our video "What is CrowdFunding" at 105,000+ views is on the first page of Youtube and also coming up to be  1st page of Regular search  (


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