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Once you set your financial goal for your CrowdFunding Campaign you take funding out of CrowdFunding equation. Now what's left? The Crowd... What we all must learn is that CrowdFunding is Marketing Centric and Not Financing! 

You must have 30% of your goal to be invested by backers within the 1st two (2) weeks of your campaign or you stand the chance of not fulfilling a financially successful campaign. (There are no unsuccessful crowdfunding campaigns) Once you've met this milestone, then the CrowdFunding Portal you're using will help you to get to the next step!

The best way for you to reduce the cost of CrowdFunding project development is increasing knowledge, have a solid CrowdFunding business model /plan for building and leveraging your campaign or project:

Increasing Your Knowledge:
$29.00 and as a bonus, you receive 2 hours of Free consultation (a $125/hour value) 
We begin co-developing your CrowdFunding Business model in the above two hours

Building Your Team:

So What's Next?

Now that we know CrowdFunding is all about a truly qualified crowd, we need to be focused on Crowd and Community building, so the questions are:
  1. How many friends, family, and friend of friends do you have that are willing to become a backer of your campaign or project?
  2. How many email addresses do you have in your contacts?
  3. How large is your social media backing? (Followers, friends, likes, pluses, pins, etc...?)
  4. How often do you blog and send newsletters? (If ever)
  5. What is your relationship with the press or journalists? (If you have any)
  6. Do you internally have a team that can assist you with all or some of the above requirements?

CrowdFunding isn't a "Field of Dreams". The crowd doesn't just flock to your campaign if you simply spend time to build it... Not that it isn't important, but you must market your campaign or idea! 

Who are we, and how can we possibly help you with this?

We are a team of Marketing and Crowdfunding specialists. We believe unequivocally CrowdFunding is a team work. 
Our full team can be found here:

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And as a bonus, here's a list of our CrowdFunding organizations designed to assist you in all phases of CrowdFunding campaigning or idea building:

We offer hands on Crowd Funding consulting, CrowdFunding campaign management, Crowd building and also project and campaign promotion A-Z, this covers:

CrowdFunding project design
CrowdFunding project concept validation 
CrowdFunding community and Crowd building
Social Media campaign
Press release campaign
Video release and SEO campaign
Project landing page release and SEO campaign
Email Marketing campaign
CrowdFunding Campaign management and support 
Go to market and post Crowdfunding services 

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