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Free CrowdFunding consultation and project modeling

posted Dec 13, 2014, 11:34 AM by David Khorram   [ updated Dec 13, 2014, 3:35 PM ]

Free CrowdFunding consultation and knowledge sharing

We offer free CrowdFunding consultations on the phone or over Google hangout or Skype video chat. We  will go over any areas  of pre , during and post CrowdFunding campaign which you may have questions.

We offer  practical solutions to your CrowdFunding  project or campaign challenges based on four elements:
  1. How much is your CrowdFunding campaign goal? ($) 
  2. What is the size of your Social reach? ( email addresses, Phone numbers, Social Media, your network and connections..etc.)
  3. When is your launch date?
  4. Why are you CrowdFunding? (raising fund, R/D, marketing, proof of concept,  brand building, experimenting, building your team, SEO your product, finding you network and potential investors or VCs ..)

What we do?

We will  save you time and money and help you to be more efficient before, during and after your CrowdFunding campaign. We may even be able to help you with early  backers and investors. We can answer your questions regarding;
  1. CrowdFunding project development (4 to 6 months prior to campaign launch) 
  2. CrowdFunding campaign development  (1 to 2 months prior to campaign launch)
  3. CrowdFunding campaign strategy, technical and tactical  (During your campaign)
  4. CrowdFunding Crowd management and fulfillment ( After your campaign)
You can see a list of our services - click here . As you see there are defined steps that needs to be taken  to Create the crowd, make them follower and convert them to backers and flag wavers . We guarantee our work and offer total solution.

How we do?

Since 2011, our 
CrowdFunding mentors and consultants  have been engaged with hundreds of  CrowdFunding projects and their planning, development , deployment and campaign promotions

We have produced CrowdFunding educational training and coached many CrowdFunding project owners. We have researched , documented and  published CrowdFunding projects and campaigns best practices and their CrowdFunding Planning in over five different CrowdFunding website and many CrowdFunding videos  and CrowdFunding blogs . 

We have development many  many layers of support,services and partnerships to help CrowdFunding project owner to excel;
  1. We have created and managed  largest CrowdFunding Social Media accounts in the world to promote our partners and clients 
  2. To reduce the cost of CrowdFunding, we have researched many  concepts and built automated solutions that has proven results.
  3. We are trained and authorized  by Google (Google for work) , thus we design, develop and deploy your internet project and campaign ecosystem and marketing with Google fabric and analytic   

Why we do?

Our consultation created an opportunity to collaborate with you and be part of your success. Our goal is to make your CrowdFunding project a success and build long lasting relationship with you.

When we do?

Upon completing the following questioner, you give us the opportunity to schedule one our most relevant and experienced CrowdFunding mentors and assign it to your project. He will contact and schedule the most convenient time for you.

Free CrowdFunding consultation - CFME

CrowdFunding is not a field of dream, if you just build it they do not come. 
CrowdFunding campaign success requires planning, time, resources and budget.
CrowdFunding is most efficient method of marketing and fund raising.