Learn How To Promote Your CrowdFunding Campaign

How to share, raise funds and promote your CrowdFunding project

Following is a step by step process on  1) Why and how to share your idea, 2) How to prepare your "ask" script 3) How To develop  and  record your "ask" video content, 4) How to create your own e commerce pledge collection buttons 5) Where to post our "ask" video, Plus your  pledge collection buttons 6) How to approach your friends, family and network and raise your early fund. 

This practice will help you to accomplish the following and if you cannot raise interest fund from friends and family you should seriously reevaluate your idea and methods. These are the advantage:

  1. Raise bootstrap fund to:
    1. Develop your idea mock-up / wire-frame / model  or prototype   
    2. Build your team and pay for your marketing (CrowdFunding is about marketing you and your product or service to the crowd)
  2. Get validation and hunches 
  3. Find flag wavers 
  4. Improve your ask and Crowd Funding text and video scripts
  5. Extend the life of your resources 
  6. Practice runs for real campaign  

Do not hide your idea!

How to prepare your video pitch  or "the ask" script and story board?

Planning the Ask

Before you make any ask, whether it is for money or for time, be sure you’re ready:
  1. Decide Who You Are Asking: Who are you asking?
  2. Decide What You Are Asking For: Are you asking for money? How much? 
  3. Understand That There Will Be “No’s”: And that’s ok! Fundraising is like baseball… even the best, most experienced practitioners receive lots of “no’s.” Don’t let them get you down. They’re part of the game. Some will, some would not, so what NEXT 
  4. Expect a Yes: Attitude matters in fundraising. If you go into a fundraising ask, assuming you will get a no, you probably will. Remember, your organization’s mission matters! Go into every fundraising ask expecting a yes, and asking for a yes.
  5. Show People How They Can Make a Concrete Difference or Reach a Concrete Goal: People like to know that their donation is doing something specific and concrete. If at all possible, ask them to contribute to help do something specific, show them your Mobile app video presentation (http://www.originalinvestors.com/

follow these simple steps:

  1. Get the pleasantries out of the way. Talk about the kids, the family, work, the last time you saw the other person. Get the small talk out of the way first.
  2. Make a transition. Once the small talk is out of the way, make a transition so that people know the topic has changed to something far more serious. Good transitions include, “Listen… I want to talk about something important,” “I’ve got a serious question for you,” or, “Jane, I need your help.”
  3. Make the connection. Once you’ve moved into more serious conversation through your transition, remind the prospect of the connection that you personally have with the organization, and that they have with the organization (if they have one). For instance, “Jim, as you know, I’ve been on the board of the Farmer’s Assistance Fund for three years now…” or, “Colleen, you’ve been to three events at the Rising Sun School now, and have volunteered at our annual community day…”
  4. Make them cry. Ok, that’s a little overboard. But you want to make sure that the person you are talking to understands the impact of your mission. Remind them what your charity does, and why it is important. Good examples are, “Samuel, every day, hundreds of people are diagnosed with XYZ disease, and each year 2,500 will die because they can’t afford the medication they need to treat their affliction” or “Janet, I’m heartbroken when I look into the faces of these former child soldiers. I see such pain, and I can’t believe we don’t have the resources to help every single one.”
  5. Make them understand why you need what you are asking for. This is the background for your specific ask. Why are you asking them to come to an event? (“We’re trying to raise our public profile…”) Why are you asking them to give $500? (“We want to serve more hungry families” or “We want to provide more scholarships to needy children”).
  6.  Make the ask. Remember to make it a question, and to ask for something concrete and specific.

Art of asking

How to prepare  and create your video?

How to get the funds to your account?

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