Free Campaign promotion and Cross marketing

So you have a CrowdFunding project and you need as much as help you can get.  

The good news is that we can help and also we know how you feel .

We suggest to  collaborate and work together  other and cross promote  your camping and our program( not a CrowdFunding campaign)  . A WIN, WIN proposal.
  1. How do we promote you?
    1. We promote your CrowdFunding campaign in our social media ecosystems.
    2. We have developed and manage the largest CrowdFunding Social Media accounts in the world. We can reach about  190,000 + people and CrowdFunding enthusiasts on daily bases for you to promote your campaign.
    3. These are some of our accounts:
      1. Twitter accounts :
        1. @CrwdFndPlanning     69.9k followers 
        2. @CFSoftLaunch         20.5K followers
        3. @CrowdFundMentor   10.1K followers
        4. @LearnCrowdFund     62.4K followers
        5. @PromotCrowdFund    9,9K followers
        6.  and 10 more ......
      2. Google plus accounts
        1. Crowdfunding                    4,054 members   : 
        2. Crowdfunding SoftLaunch      496 members  :
        3. Crowdfunding Mentors Coaches Consultants  398 members  :
        4. CrowdFunding Advertising and Promotion  583 members  :
        5. and 9 more ......
      3. Face accounts
        1. CrowdFunding Planning -
        2. CrowdFunding Conference- 
        3. CrowdFund Tank :
        4. CrowdFunding Teenagers:
        5. and 5 more ......
  2. do  you support us?
    1. It is a simple process.
    2. There is no cost involved and only requires less than a minute of you time. these are steps
      1. Take a look at our  live Thunderclap CrowdFunding program and campaign. Just click here: or
      2. Under the blue section,  you see  the Twitter and Facebook buttons. Click on  them and support us.
      3. As a result,  on  Jun 30, 1:30 PM PDT  you and your follower receive through one (1)  message
      4. Our goal is to reach 1000,000 people and you can appropriate how hard is that but we are CrowdFunding experts and  work hard to reach your goals and ours
  3.   What is next ?
    1. Once you support our Thunderclap campaign, please send us and email at We will contact you and start  your promotional campaign 
    2. Start now, time is our enemy