CrowdFunding Landing Pages

Landing Pages can be a great way to convey your message and introduce your product or service in a quick unobtrusive way.  Landing Page to Boost Crowdfunding Traffic. We practice and build landing pages for CrowdFunding project owners to maximize their exposure before, throughout and after Crowd Funding. 

Using "Google web fabric and Google Analytic",  we optimized  the content and select an optimized domain name. We also provide full access to CrowdFunding project owner to audit and edit the page or pages. 

Regarding landing page optimization, we post the campaign with over 80 Call for action headlines plus it's short URL and hashtags (to collect and report traffic flow) and hash-tags in Crowd Funding Planning social media accounts (the largest CrowdFunding social community). We also build clients Social Media accounts and promote the landing page there.  This results to more than 10,000+ visits within two months and less.

The landing page is designed to be an attention grabber and  1) collects email  addresses before the campaign,  2) direct traffic to CrowdFunding  during the campaign  and 3) direct pre order request  Paypal or eCommerce button after the campaign is over.

The landing page is focused on the campaign's product or service offering and not the start up or company  standard website. 

Our advantage is that we use "Google fabric and techniques"  through the design, deployment and marketing it. (Google likes Google),  Then we leverage with the same engine that most public search for information.

Consider CrowdFunding project’s website or landing page as a navigational tool. Though Social Media posting, Blog posting, Press releases or any other promotional service, it’s still used to direct traffic to the places where supporters can participate .  for example;
  1. Before the CrowdaFunding campaign and during the crowdfunding project development collecting email address of followers
  2. During the CrowdFunding campaign directing the traffic to the campaign page
  3. After the CrowdFunding campaign directing the traffic to your eCommerce account to collect payment for Pre orders.   

You should update your project, a landing page since its is a good place to include  the your story, Background, ,an index, guiding your readers to many of your popular articles, updates, and achievements to date. Your landing page must have call for action, adopt an omniscient view of your project with proper out-linking as to provide visitors with everything they need to understand your idea and support it.

You can test and validate your video, value proposition and picture simply by managing few contest.  

Events and contests can also be effective in solidifying group identity, recruiting new members, and keeping the ongoing members interested. If possible, give member-created groups within your community access to organizational tools such as calendars, mailing lists, galleries, and ranking systems. For example, Tripod has interest groups, called "pods," that are one of the fastest-growing areas within their Web community. Pods allow several levels of involvement: members (anyone who wants to join that pod), publishers (anyone who wants to have their Web pages included in the pod), and "Poderators" (leader of the Pod). Each week, a "Best of Pod" award is given to a Pod Publisher, and that person's URL is featured on the Pod's home page.

An important part of belonging to a community is having an audience for your accomplishments, a place where you can get feedback and appreciation as your skills evolve over time. Contests are a great way to do this, especially if the contest promotes a skill that reinforces the purpose of the community. HotWired's "Cool Geek of the Week" contest communicates the idea that status within this community can be gained by "being a cool geek." Geocities has a "Cool Homestead of the Day" contest for the best member-created home page, and Mplayer announces the Player of the Week on their home page, to reinforce the theme of multiplayer gaming.

Landing pages help projects gauge the public’s reception through analytical software. Similar to a business, one can track the most popular links, and, as a result, how many of such visitors convert into supporters. Creating a landing page can even be free if you use services like MailChimp, Lander, or InstaPage.

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2. CrowdFunding project landing pages 

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