CrowdFunding Campaign and Project Websites

CrowdFunding is all about Marketing. The success of your crowd funding campaign lies in your traffic generation strategy long before you launch.

Your product, service, and idea is more than just Crowd Funding Campaign duration (typically 1 to 2 months). You need to brand your project 4 to 6 months in advance and collect email addresses from your fans and followers and raise your web presence for not only the campaign but also for after your campaign goes into the mass market. 

You also need to direct traffic to your website after Campaign is over and make sure you have a shopping cart to accept new orders or even pre-orders! (i.e. Star Citizen the CrowdFunding Campaign that Began on Kickstarter has collected 29+ million additional dollars after Campaign ended: Check it out on --> Blog)

You need a website that will encourage people to sign up to join your email list and get involved with your product or service. There are many free and premium WordPress plugins that you can use to do this. We highly recommend using Google Sites. Why? Google Sites is hosted inside of Google's Server's with a competitive advantage to becoming optimized quicker than other websites. 

We also recommend offering something for free in order to encourage the crowd to sign up to your e-mail list such as an eBook, Samples or knowledge sharing content. Don't forget CrowdFunding is a two part process Crowd and Funding many people do not realize that the crowd is just as important, if not more important than the funding side.

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Step One: Write down who your target customers are.
Step Two: Create a Google sites  landing page ( easy to optimize  promote 
and easy to blog) 
Step Three: Start a blog
Step Four: Start with 5 to 10 people in your immediate network ( list and email them )
Step Five: Hang out in your target audience’s online communities
Step Six: Submit your landing page to link sites
Step Seven: Guest Blog, and keep Guest Blogging
Step Nine: Maintain a media outreach list
Step Ten: Just focus on delivering incredible value