CrowdFunding marketing advertising and promotion

We provide single source total solutions for all CrowdFunding marketing, Promotion and advertising: 

CrowdFunding marketing branches out to :

  1. CrowdFunding Places:

    1. CrowdFunding campaign portals pages

      1. Kickstarter

      2. Indiegogo

      3. Gofundme

      4. Rocket hub

      5. Etc.

    2. CrowdFunding campaign Hard Launch pages

    3. CrowdFunding Soft Launch pages

    4. CrowdFunding project landing pages

    5. CrowdFunding campaign relaunch

    6. CrowdFunding via social media

  2. CrowdFunding Prices:

    1. Rewards

      1. Pre order offerings

    2. Pledges

    3. Donations

    4. Perks

  3. CrowdFunding Promotions

    1. Advertising

    2. Recommendation

    3. Prototype testing

  4. CrowdFunding People

    1. Project owner

    2. Portal management

    3. Project team

    4. Project consultant (gorial marketing)

    5. Project professional service providers (IP attorney, Attorney, accountant..etc.)

  5. CrowdFunding Process

    1. Project development ( wireframe, prototyping)

    2. Campaign development

      1. Strategic

      2. Technical

      3. Tactical

    3. Project delivery

    4. Customer and service desk service

      1. complaint management

      2. Satisfaction management

  6. CrowdFunding Physical evidence

    1. The main story

    2. The entrepreneur

    3. The user story

    4. The references

      1. Campaign video

      2. Campaign pictures

      3. Celebrities sponsorship

      4. Sponsors

    5. The team

    6. The Location ( office, lab, stage...etc.)

  7. CrowdFunding virtual evidence
      1. Project website

      2. Blogs ( internal and externals)

      3. Social Media accounts ( followers, friends, pluses. pins..etc.)

      4. Communities and groups

      5. Broadcasting and posting

      6. Press releases

      7. Email Marketing

  8. CrowdFunding Product

    1. Products

    2. Services; or

    3. Events

    4. Main solution to a pain

    5. Design or technology

    6. Usability and usefulness

    7. Improvement

    8. Fun

    9. Value

    10. Quality

    11. Brand

    12. Warrantee

  1. Project virtual existence (Web, Blog, Social Media, press release, Email marketing

CrowdFunding Advertising:

CrowdFunding Advertising and CrowdFunding promotion are two related marketing tools, both widely are used in the CrowdFunding project and campaign time.

At first glance, it may be difficult to understand what exactly the difference between CrowdFunding Advertising and CrowdFunding promotion is, since they both use many of the same techniques, and apply them for very similar ends.

A few things differentiate one from the other, however, including the scope of time involved, overall cost, impact on raised fund , the purpose, and what kind of CrowdFunding campaign and projects  the technique is suitable for.

Both CrowdFunding advertising and CrowdFunding promotion are types of marketing, involved in getting information about a product, services or events  out to the buying Crowd followers or Backers .

CrowdFunding advertising messages is sent to the public via newspaper and magazine displays, billboards, TV and radio commercials and website banners

CrowdFunding advertising is usually undertaken by mid to large level CrowdFunding project ( Enter prize crowdFunding or Corporate CrowdFunding ) with corporate with  established presence, which wants to come up with cohesive messages that;

  1. Help strengthen and promote  the brand

  2. Help to optimise the product and service market research and development (R&D) at lowest cost and liability

  3. Help and optimize Corporate giving

  4. Aim to build large size crowdfunding goal .

  5. Experiments with enterprise crowdfunding

It includes things like buying or investing:

  1. Radio or television spots,

  2. Printing up advertisements in regional or national papers,

  3. Posting in national online newspapers  

  4. Hiring guerrilla marketing (innovative, unexpected, and quirky techniques to familiarize people with a brand or concept) teams to spread the word about the product, service or events

  5. Billboard or poster campaigns.

  6. Internal and external Social Media campaign

CrowdFunding Promotion:

CrowdFunding campaign is more suited to Promotion, more commonly referred to as CrowdFunding promotions, is a method of announcing your product, service or venets using a rapid and more dynamic means CrowdFunding project owner can more easily modify or change.

Examples include CrowdFunding campaign awards, Contests , coupons; sales; celebrity endorsements; event, team or league sponsorships; contests; rebates; free samples; catalogs; CrowdFunding project landing pages; social media; donations; and direct mail, Blogging, Email marketing; newsletters; .

Unlike PR(public relations), which is an attempt to get the media to promote your message at no cost, promotion is often an expense. A social media campaign is an example of a promotion that has no or low cost, other than staff time.

CrowdFunding Promotion also is a more short-term strategy. Although brand-building may occur as a result of promotions, it is not the point. The only real purpose of such a campaign is to reach campaign goal  in the short term (1- 3 months).


CrowdFunding marketing has many divisions among them CrowdFunding advertizing and CrowdFunding marketing:

CrowdFunding campaign by entrepreneur or an startup is more suited to CrowdFunding Promotion. Promotion is targeted to a crowd to create awareness and raise funding

CrowdFunding campaign by a company or an enterprises is more suited  to CrowdFunding  Advertising. Advertising is more targeted to create brands