CrowdFunding Headline Generator

There are guidelines, informed by scads of data and legitimized through case studies and success stories, for writing the “best” Twitter headlines as measured by their clickability.Tests have shown that you can increase your conversion rate on a link by 73% when you write a compelling headline.
1. Examples
1. A Top 10 List Examples:
People love lists, on Twitter just as across the Internets (ahem, did you notice the headline of this blog post?). A Twitter headline that concisely packages the content being linked to by referring to it with a quantity – doesn’t have to be 10 – sends the message to the reader that wherever they’re led after clicking on your link won’t take too long to read and will be digestible. Top 5 Tools for Monitoring Your Online Reputation
Top 7 websites for finding a nonprofit job (huff/to/14wLxzl)
2 The Promise of Something
The best headlines, in traditional copy and tweets alike, make a promise. Hook people with a promise, and they’ll feel that they’ll be more entertained, informed, smarter, or better off in some way than before they clicked the link in your tweet. Why Lead Nurturing Is Like Hosting a Dinner Party (and 9 Ways to Do It Right) by @charlotte_tone via @MarketingProfs
You officially have our permission to waste an hour staring at these insane jellyfish(-like creatures). (
3. A Poignant Question
Ask and you shall receive. Pose a resonant question, and you’re more likely to attract engagement. People also want to follow, for the most part, Twitterers that do more than push out 140-character press releases around the clock. Tweeting relevant and pithy questions suggests that you actually care about your followers’ input. How Much Money Do I Need in My Emergency Fund? -
[PICTURE] = In the studio recording a cover! What song would YOU like us to cover?:)
4. A Call to Action
Similarly, tell your followers to click on a link – and as long as your tweet is well-written (grammatically right, concise, engaging), they’ll do so. Also, according to Dan Zarella, the most retweeted word is “you.” I'm hosting a Google Hangout on digital trends & etiquette next week. Click here for a chance to receive an invite:
Who do you think should win at tonight's Screen Actors Guild Awards? Click here to cast your ballot!
5. A Direct Message
When you prefix your tweeted link with a targeted audience, you perk up the ears (er, fingers) of the followers that fall into that category. People are more likely to click on the link in a tweet if they feel that it’s super-relevant to them. Soon-to-be graduates and recent grads should print this list. How to get a job in PR: 11 tips
Readers expecting a visit from the stork should click here to get all the facts about maternity leave.
6. Intrigue
When you catch a reader’s eye with stand-out phrasing or buzzy language, they are that much more likely to engage with your content. With this one, you’re going for the virtual double-take reaction. Great piece: Jonathan Cohn's "The Hell of American Day Care"
Is that $100,000 MBA Worth it Anymore?
7. A Newsy Nugget
It’s nearly impossible these days to pinpoint what outlet broke what news, on what platform, and when. But tweeting something that’s ultra-time-sensitive gives tweeps a major incentive to click your tweet. Google will now mute your microphone if you're typing during a Google+ Hangout  by @epro
Riding The Consumerization Wave, Concur Launches An App Store To Show Off Its Partners, Investments  by @sarahintampa
8. The word “infographic.”
Infographics shared on Twitter get 832% more retweets than images and articles. That’s a big payoff for one 11-letter word. Throw a hashtag in there (#infographic) for extra shareability. How social media leads to social change:  #infographic
The Super Unhealthy Diets of 9 Countries #infographic
9. A Celebrity Name
Hollywood’s got pull, even on Twitter. Tap into existing popularity by linking your Twitter headline to someone high-profile. This is what happens when you ask @pattonoswalt to improvise something about Star Wars.  #ParksandRec #awesomethings
President @BarackObama Responds to Jay-Z's song #OpenLetter:
10. A How-to
Tips, tricks, and how-to’s have made sites like Lifehacker formidably popular, so it makes sense that well-worded tweets along those lines get tons of clicks. How To Schedule Your Day For Peak Creative Performance
How to Create a Business for $100 or Less