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The Original Jeans Sandal Boots As Seen On NBC’s Today Show By Promote My Crowdfunding

posted Nov 13, 2013, 3:51 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 13, 2013, 3:52 PM by David Khorram ]

High quality, cool and comfortable jeans sandal boots. The shoes that would get you compliments!

My name is Danielle Katz and I am a 29 years old fashion designer. I came up with the Jeans Sandals concept while browsing in my closet and finding a pair of old favorite jeans which I decided to ‘recycle’ into a new piece of clothing . Working out of my home studio, I started producing small quantities of handmade jeans sandals.

Soon, the sandals became a big hit on the streets and on websites and fashion blogs everywhere and were later featured on AOL, Yahoo, NBC’s Today Show and many other. At this point, I and my partners decided to proceed with large scale production to answer the big and growing popular demand.

We are ready for production!

Together with my California partners we proceeded with investing lots of time and resources to guarantee production of the highest quality jeans sandals. We are now fully prepared to go straight to production of our first line of jeans sandals as soon as we successfully complete this Kickstarter initiative.

These Jeans are made for walking!


How can you be a part of it?

To guarantee a successful initial round of manufacturing and delivery to supporters, we need to raise a minimum of $20,000. With a certain contribution level (listed on the side bar) supporters will receive a pair of their choice at a great discount (compared to future retail) along with a special gift. Successful fund raising exceeding the $20,000 minimum will allow us to offer more sizes and additional styles.

How do I make a pledge?

Simply select from one or more of the pledges to the right of this page. Follow the prompts on how to finalize payment and you're done! Fast and Easy!      


For our sandals we're using a 10oz blue indigo denim fabric, 100% cotton, which is woven especially for us! For our lighter wash we are using Sun blast \ Monkey wash and in our darker styles we are using Enzyme wash in order to get that great vintage, aged look. 

TPR sole
TPR sole

TPR sole stands for Thermoplastic Rubber. ThermoPlastic Rubber is one of the latest technologies used to create mold-injected soles, including polymers and high tech resins. This sole offers superior comfort to ordinary die cut soles, because it is flexible like a traditional leather sole but also washable and more durable. 


Dani.K sandals are made without the use of any animal components. So you can be sure no animals were harmed in the making of these shoes. 

 Shipping is free to all USA & Canada destinations. For shipments outside the US please add $30.

Available sizes
Available sizes

Why should I pledge here for the shoes? 

- Without your support, our project may never take off and you could lose the opportunity to own a pair.

-You get the special kickstarter promotional price! 

-You are supporting a unique, one-of-a-kind, designer initiative. 

-You will own a very cool pair of jeans sandals and a jeans bracelet which will get you complimented and make you happy.

-You would be amongst the first to have them, before the holidays and in time for Christmas! The perfect gift for your loved ones, or yourself! 

Anything else I can do to support this project?


 After you support us, we would appreciate your help in spreading the word. Email, Facebook, Twitter ,blogs, tell your family and friends, or in any other way.

We can be found on Facebook , and at our homepage: Don't hesitate to reach out to us


Risks and challenges
Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

While all initiatives carry a certain level of risk, we feel we are especially well prepared to meet our commitments to all contributors. Once our Kickstarter fundraising goal is successfully met , we will start production right away and anticipate shipping the merchandise to you by the early December 2013. 
We do depend on 3rd party for manufacturing and timing delivery, which may present unexpected challenges. We can assure you that we've selected experienced and highly quality manufacturers and suppliers.