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SubShorts, Active Underlayers By Promote My Crowdfunding

posted Nov 13, 2013, 3:29 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 13, 2013, 3:29 PM by David Khorram ]

Promote My Crowdfunding

SubShorts is committed to distinction and individuality through design. We bring color and performance to a monochromatic arena.

Your boring, monochromatic compression shorts just got radical! SubShorts bring style, color, personality, and performance to you!

The Story  

The idea of SubShorts began when I noticed that a lot of Action Sports guys at the beach and lake were wearing underwear or athletic-wear underneath their board shorts. These guys were fulfilling a need unconsciously. 

I looked everywhere but I could not find any company or brand that offered a tailored solution. 

During my search I found that athletic compression garments, in general, are boring and dull. The options out there just don’t excite nor do they live up to relevant and emerging fashion trends. Your current compression short options are monochromatic, boring, lack color, design, character, and appeal.

So I decided to go to work and create a comfortable (wet or dry) athletic compression short that was designed with personality, style, color, and a high level of performance. SubShorts bring distinction, individuality, and lifestyle to a monochromatic arena.


1. Breathable, moisture wicking, 4-way stretch SubShort fabric.

2. Fast drying, polyester, spandex blend for superior comfort and performance.

3. Plush, 418 needle SubShorts waistband.

4. Prevents chaffing and rash while wet or dry.

5. Custom SubShorts colorways. 

Youtube Product Preview Link

Our working prototypes (pictured below) demonstrate the original designs of SubShorts. Our new Kickstarter colorways are found below under "Rewards". 

The Waistband

Our plush 418 needle count waistband offers you comfort and firmness that won't leave your back end shinning like a full moon.

The waistband shown in the photos is not the waistband on your pair of SubShorts. In order to get a customized 418 needle SubShorts waist band we need your help to meet our minimum order quantity (MOQ). 


Below are our colorways exclusive to our Kickstarter campaign. 

Once you've made your pledge and our campaign has ended, we will send you an email asking you for your size and color choice. We also pledge to send production photo updates of you SubShorts . We will keep you informed every step of the way.

Throwback Stripe
Throwback Stripe
Space Print
Space Print
The Camo
The Camo
The Harlequin
The Harlequin


At the Gym - Comfortable moister-wicking performance, without the dull and boring of your current athletic garment.

Surfing - We wore SubShorts underneath our wetsuit's. No need for a towel change post surf, and no board rash!

STRETCH GOAL $200,000 

We will introduce one new colorway if we hit $200,000 dollars! Best part is you get to choose which colorways you want by voting! Choose below.

The Half-Tone
The Half-Tone
The Spectrum
The Spectrum

Our Mission/Values 

 1. Consistently improve design, comfort, fabric technology, and fit. 

 2. Source the highest quality fabrics.

 3. Encourage adventure, distinctiveness, and well-being. 

The Crew 

I started working on this project because I saw a demographic that deserved style without sacrificing performance. It couldn't be found in the marketplace. So I took the dive, quit my job, and started going to work. 

I was not interested in beating around the bush. I called up my graphic designer, Chandler - he's worked for the likes of Skullcandy, Armor Active, Char Poles, and other action sports companies, and we went to work. 

We prototyped the design and partnered with one of the top boutique manufacturer agents that specialize in sourcing fabrics. Having them down the coastline, helped us to keep in close contact and communication. They have worked with companies such as; RVCA, Billabong, Stance Socks, and Nixon watches. 

Where Your Money Is Going 

We've spent over $3,000 of our own money in product development to get SubShorts to this point. 

But as with most all start-up retail businesses, there are minimum order quantities that we need to meet when sourcing fabric and components (it's kind of like being Little Mac from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. We can get a KO with your help). 

If we meet our pledge goal, your money will go directly into the production and manufacturing of SubShorts and will allow us to move forward, furthering more radical designs for you.


S - 28-29 US

M - 30-32 US

L - 33-35 US

XL - 36-37 US  

2XL - 38-40 US

Risks and challenges
Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We have done our best to diminish the risks and challenges for this project. We have a handful of working prototypes. We can vouch for our manufacturer proven record of quality and reliability. We have created a production schedule and are confident in our manufacturing.

We will communicate any production news, delays, or otherwise with you. We promise to keep you informed at every level of manufacturing and express our thanks for your support and patience in the process. We want to ensure your fulfillment is accurate and true.