CrowdFunding Cross promotion and Co promotion marketing

We would like to assist you to promote your CrowdFunding project or campaign and find followers and make them to be your backers and investors.

There are many ways to do so and you can discover them in our website  such as 
  1.  Free CrowdFunding Services 
  2.  Premium CrowdFunding Services 
  3. CrowdFunding  co-promotion  and Cross promotion services

What is CrowdFunding Co promotion and Cross promotion?

CrowdFunding cross promotion is a form of advertising that involves both parties. CrowdFunding project owner (you) and CrowdFunding project promoter(us).

 It's a good way to have PromoteMyCrowdFunding mentors to  help you promote your CrowdFunding project or campaign the best way they know.  

What happens is each party helps to promote the other party's product or service. A good example of an effective cross promotion campaign would be Visa. They tend to use this technique a lot. What they do is mention a store or whatever in their commercials.

This is what you do:

What you do is to mention CrowdFunding Planning  or Promote My CrowdFunding  logo and link as  one of your CrowdFunding promotional team member in your campaign . You simply  cut and past one of the following picture and their links in to your campaign.

Promoted by: 

Promoted by:

Our Logo and brand is  listed in hundred thousands of CrowdFunding Articles, blogs, YouTube video, Facebook pages, Twitter postings and websites and bring branding and trust. We promote success only , thus this will help you with your campaign concept and campaign validation.

Of course it also assist us with our back links. 

This is what we do : 
  1. At no cost and free:
    1. We own and manage the largest CrowdFunding social media channels in the world(see button of his page - over 200,000), we will: 
      1. Broadcast your campaign URL and your message to our Crowdfunding enthusiasts on Facebook for the duration of your campaign 
      2. Broadcast campaign URL and your message to our Crowdfunding enthusiasts on Twitter for the duration of your campaign
    2. We provide you with the analytic code that shows you the number of views you get
    3. We display you on main landing page for a week and them display under its category
  2.  At discounted price:
    1. We offer all our other services (Premium CrowdFunding Servicesat %5 discounted price   

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